Linda Flewker-Barker

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What clients are saying.......... (used with full permission)

I would have to say going to counselling has helped me speak out. I am a person who holds everything in and doesn’t like to talk to friends or family for fear of upsetting them with my problems or feeling like I’m a burden.

I have seen many counsellors over the years and have helped me deal with my issue at the time.

I have found Linda particularly good at what she does because I felt at ease the second I met her. She allowed me to say all I needed to without interruption or judgement.

Linda has given me new ways to cope not just for the now but for the future.

During further sessions we have been able to break down and address each issue and find a way to cope that suits me. 

R, 2022

What clients are saying.......... (used with full permission)

I first met Linda whilst doing some group work.....not only did I find Linda to be a fascinating human who had seen so much in her years, but she always offered me a sense of calm and understanding. After some significant struggles with doing my own reflective work, I reached out to Linda to see if she could offer me some guidance around how to really make the most of my reflections. Well, that was a life changing experience for me. Not only did she show me how to connect to my expression of self, but she also offered me genuine feedback that I valued more than I thought I would at the time. Linda has an amazing ability to hold a space for someone, encourage the possible in the impossible and offer a deep sense of acknowledgement and understanding. A true empath in her work, it's no wonder we connected as students and now friends. Thank you for being you, Linda.

B, 2021